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    Is there a maximum number of suppliers?

    No we will list your prices on the site if you wish to participate in Drink Price but remember that you need to offer your very best price.

    How many different products will I need to quote for?

    We have limited the list of comparables to the most frequently ordered lines so as to enable customers to truly compare the market.

    Will the list change?

    Yes as tastes change and new products are offered we will review the potential comparables and add or take away items.

    What’s in it for me?

    We are offering you the chance to increase your supply in the area without the need for marketing by you.

    Will I lose my regular customers?

    Not if you are competitive with your pricing and in any event they will still come to you for the odd bottle or more unusual items.

    What do I have to do?

    All we ask is that you regularly update the prices that you charge for the individual items so that you are and remain competitive.

    How often do I need to review the prices?

    As often as you feel necessary to keep up with the market. We would suggest at least weekly.

    Do I have to be the cheapest on each drink to get the order?

    No, all you have to do is be the cheapest basket of goods, so you may select a few items that you feel that you want to market.

    How does it work?

    The publican logs in and chooses the quantity of drinks that he wants from the list of comparables. The computer looks at the published prices for the drinks that you supply with the other suppliers and calculates the cheapest price for the basket chosen. If you as the cheapest basket then the chances are that the publican will order from you. We will then send you the order and we will collect the payment and forward to the price of the goods ordered.

    Why we are not paid direct?

    With the arrangement that we have set up, all the risk of the accounts going into default is taken away. You no longer have to factor in accounts charges to your prices just in case the customer goes to the wall and so you really can compete on price and improve your turnover.

    Who has to deliver the goods?

    If you can we would ask that you deliver but otherwise you can deliver to us and we will arrange the delivery. All we ask is that you send us a copy of the signed delivery note within 24 hours of the delivery so that we can mark up the system that the order is complete.

    What happens if I cannot fulfil an order in part or full?

    You let us know and we will arrange an alternate supply for the client and deduct the cost from the order. Clearly we would hope that this doesn’t happen too often.

    How quickly have I got to process the order?

    We have told the client that orders will be fulfilled within 2 days where possible and no longer than 3 days.