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    Why do I have to log in?

    We want to offer this site to members of the licensing industry rather than open it up to the general public and to do that we have to create a log in. That way only you can see what you have ordered and track what has happened to those orders.

    How much do I need to order?

    You can order as and when you like from the site. The only thing to remember is that there is an administration and delivery charge built into the system on orders under £350.00 It is designed to stop one off purchases and to concentrate on the use of a comparison of prices offered by local and not so local wholesalers who serve the area.

    Do I need to get a minimum order?

    There is a minimum order of £50 but to get the best savings based on the standard delivery charge you might want to consider a reasonable sized order to make the shopping basket more profitable to you. You can order one or any number of specific items in the basket. The choice is yours.  

    Can I pick and choose who I get my orders from?

    You can pick whichever supplier you like but we expect that you will go for the cheapest. What you cannot do, unless you want to pay two or more deliveries, is split the order between two suppliers. The price reduction is based on the basket as a whole.

    Will you be using my normal wholesaler?

    Possibly we will use the wholesaler that you have traditionally gone to and to whom you may go for items that are not covered by this basket of items. We believe however that with our buying capacity we are able to drive down the prices that you were being quoted so that you will be able to get the best possible price. When all is said and done, if we cannot beat the price that they have traditionally quoted you, you won’t use us you will go to them direct. Remember that the prices on the site do change in real time so your old wholesaler might not be competitive tomorrow.

    Why have you hidden the names of the suppliers?

    There is no secret in who these suppliers are, but we hope that you will base your decision on price comparison and not just on reputation.

    How long will I have to wait to get my delivery?

    Once your payment is cleared, unless we have allowed you an account facility your delivery will usually be processed by the supplier and with you within 48 hours. If there is a real rush, and you have run out of a type of drink and urgently need a rush order we can organise this as a one off.

    Who will deliver my goods?

    Depending on who you select to order from it may be the wholesaler or it could be Drink Price direct.

    How can I pay?

    You can pay via bank transfer, pay pal or credit or debit card, that way you have your own banker’s guarantee of delivery from us.

    Can I pay cash with delivery?

    No to enable the great savings that you are being offered our suppliers want to be paid with order. In due course and once a course of trading has been established you may qualify to become an account customer.

    Can I get an account?

    Once you have a track record of usage with us then we will be happy to discuss account terms with you. We may factor or credit insure that account in the normal course of business. We would look to set a credit limit in conjunction with you and usual trading terms.

    Can I cancel my order?

    Once you have placed your order and paid for it, if you then change your mind we will cancel your order but there will be a handling charge based on the administration fee shown on the order.

    What happens if my order cannot be fulfilled?

    In the unlikely event that your chosen supplier cannot fulfil your order in full or in part we will arrange for the order to be fulfilled elsewhere or you will be offered a credit note.

    Will the price change once I have chosen my items?

    The price of the basket is fixed in real time when you press to make the payment. As such suppliers may change their price as you are making your selection. Please therefore check when you are about to pay that you are happy with the price shown at that stage.

    Is there any maximum or minimum times I can visit the site?

    No you can visit the site whenever you like. Sometimes you may not make a saving but we expect that you will soon find that it is saving you and your business money.

    How much does it cost to use the site.

    The website is FREE to use, Drinkprice takes a small admin fee on your order but you should still save money.

    Is VAT added to the complete order?

    Yes all our prices Exclude VAT and the amount of VAT charged in the order is displayed for you as you order.

    Can you please confirm the company's name that is responsible for fulfilling the terms of the transaction?

    Horizon Leisure (Sussex) Ltd

    Can you please confirm which company's responsibility will be handling customer queries?

    Horizon Leisure (Sussex) Ltd

    Who is responsible for Chargeback Handling?

    Horizon Leisure (Sussex) Ltd

    Who is responsible for dealing with Customers throughout the transaction?

    Horizon Leisure (Sussex) Ltd

    What company name will appear on the cardholder statement?

    Horizon Leisure (Sussex) Ltd

    Do you own the products at point of sale?


    Can you please confirm what precautions you have in place to stop minors from buying alcohol?

    You must be over the age of 18 to purchase from this site.